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Telopea Park School Archives

The Telopea Park School archives collects materials relevant to the history of the school, the building and contents, students, staff and the wider school community. It also takes into account ACT privacy legislation and does not collect confidential information such as aptitude testing results.

The collection includes administrative materials, such student rolls and registers from 1923-1969, student records 1955-76, and some minutes of affiliated bodies such as the P and C and the School Board. It has documents relevant to the history of the school, including materials relating to the signing of the French/Australian agreement in 1983. There is a very large collection of photographic materials dating from the opening of the school to the present day. Available school publications include school magazines, copies of the "Illustrated History of Telopea Park School 1923-1983" and a variety of curriculum documents and school reviews. The ephemera collection contains programs for sporting events, award nights and drama productions, student work, newspaper cuttings and architectural drawings. Memorabilia in the archive includes souvenir materials, uniforms and badges. The school also houses a number of artworks including a very large painting, other paintings and original drawings, sculptures and installations

Access to the collection is via the school archivist and an appointment is necessary for this. Please note that the school is constrained by the provisions of the Privacy Legislation and access to individual student records is limited.


Telopea Park School archivist
New South Wales Crescent
Barton ACT 2600

Phone: +61 2 61423388
Fax: +61 2 61423348

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