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Enrolment Policy

Bilingual English/French Program K - 10

For ACT residents there is no designated Priority Placement Area (PPA) for this program. The most common point of entry is at kindergarten. Applications may be lodged up to one year in advance. Parents are advised that in past years it has not been possible to enroll all applicants. Residents in other states may lodge an application, but will only be considered after ACT residents.


Kindergarten students will be admitted in the following priority order:

  1. Students who are French nationals or French dual national citizens.
    Documentary evidence is required.
  2. Students from other Francophone families.
    At least one parent must provide evidence of Francophone nationality and French language proficiency. An interview may be required.
  3. Students who can demonstrate suitability to a bilingual French/English education.
    This criterion will be assessed against:
    • The student’s linguistic aptitude in French and/or English.
    • Parental commitment to the school’s French/English bilingual program.
      Active support of current siblings in the K-10 bilingual program will be considered in this category. Students who have been schooled in French in accordance with the French curriculum will also be considered in this category. While prior French-language schooling is encouraged, it is not a requirement, nor does it guarantee automatic entry into Kindergarten.
    • Other relevant supporting evidence.
      Supporting documentation is required. An interview may also be required.
  4. Other ACT students, considered in order of receipt.
  5. Applicants from outside the ACT will be considered in order of receipt if there are places available.


All applications in criteria 1-4 must provide proof of residency in the ACT.

The selection panel comprises the Principal, the Head of French Studies (Le Proviseur), the Primary Deputy Principal and the Conseiller Pédagogique. Admission of students is determined by the Principal, after consultation with the selection panel. The Principal’s decision is final. Acceptance of a place at Telopea Park School / Lycée franco-australien is taken as an indication that you will support the values and policies of the school including the school uniform.

Students may be required to be assessed for entry.

In any given year, children who turn five by 30 April in that year are eligible for admission to Kindergarten.

French nationals posted to Australia and able to provide evidence that they will be returning to France or a French school elsewhere may seek entry to kindergarten under the same conditions as apply in other French schools.

Years 1-10 Students:

Students who have a degree of English / French bilingualism sufficient to cope with the level applied for will be admitted to the bilingual program within the following order of priority and where vacancies exist:

  1. French nationals staying in Australia for a determined period of time (expatriates).
  2. French nationals who are long-term residents in Australia and holding bi-national status.
  3. Children continuing education in French from an accredited French school or French-speaking country elsewhere. Students in this category need to have completed the French program corresponding to the years previous to the year level requested.
  4. Francophones: a child from a Francophone country who can demonstrate an ability to express and comprehend French at an age-appropriate level. A list of countries belonging to the Francophone Institution can be obtained from the French Embassy.
  5. Bilingual: children for whom a bilingual English-French education can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Australian Principal and Head of French Studies as essential or highly desirable because of past experience or future needs.

Eligibility for the bilingual program may be determined by interview and testing. If the level of English is insufficient for the required year level, students will be expected to attend either the Primary Introductory English Centre (Years 1-6) or the Secondary Introductory English Centre (Years 7-10) for a determined period.

From Year 9 Semester 2, students continuing into the French Baccalauréat are expected to enroll in the French National Distance Education Program (Cours National d’Education à Distance - CNED) for their additional language. The school will provide guidance in this process.

Admission of students is determined by the Principal after consultation with the French Proviseur/Head of French Studies. Acceptance of a place at Telopea Park School/Lycée Franco-Australien is taken as an indication that you will support the values, rules and policies of the school, including the school uniform.

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