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EFS Y11 Info night and parent-teacher interviews / Terminale/Y11 - Réunion d'information et réunion parents-professeurs

Madame, Monsieur, parents/responsables des élèves de Terminale,

Chers élèves,

Par le présent message, les professeurs français, Mme LENEVEZ, en charge notamment de la coordination du baccalauréat et moi-même vous invitons à participer à une réunion d’information présentant l’année de Terminale et ses échéances (examens / orientation), ce jeudi 29 octobre, à partir de 16h30,  à la bibliothèque de Narrabundah College.

Cette réunion sera ensuite suivie d’une réunion parents-professeurs, de 17h30 à 19h, dans la même bibliothèque et en ligne avec les professeurs en quatorzaine. Celle-ci vous permettra de faire un point avec chaque enseignant, juste une semaine après le conseil de classe.

Merci de bien vouloir procéder, avant jeudi matin, à la réservation de rendez-vous, par le lien suivant :

Pour obtenir votre mot de passe, cliquez sur " obtain pin password "; entrez votre adresse email puis suivez les instructions.

Pour toute difficulté, n’hésitez pas de contacter Mme LE NEVEZ -

Vous souhaitant bonne réception de ces informations,

A jeudi,

Bien cordialement,

David BINAN, Proviseur

Dear Parents/ carers of our EFS Y11 students,

Dear students

By this mail, the French teachers, Mrs LENEVEZ, French bac coordinator and myself invite you to participate in an information meeting presenting the organisation of the year of Terminale and the different steps of this very important year (exams / post-bac studies), this Thursday, October 29, from 4:30 p.m., at  Narrabundah College Library.
This meeting will then be followed by  parent-teacher interviews, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the same library and online with the teachers who are in quarantine.
This will allow you to take stock with each teacher, just one week after the “Conseil de classe”>

Please book an appointment, before Thursday morning, by the following link:

To obtain your pin number, click on "obtain pin password"; enter your email address then follow the instructions.
For any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact Ms. LE NEVEZ -

Yours sincerely,

David BINAN, Proviseur

Book Week 2020 - Curious Creatures Wild Minds

The week started by Sandra Bennett a visiting author who spoke to children about writing and illustrating on Monday...

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School's tribute to France and Freedom of Expression, tomorrow 21st October

Dear parents and carers,

The emotion and the trauma are immense in France, as a result of the terrorist attack which cost the life of Mr. Paty, History-Geography teacher, last Friday, in Conflans Sainte Honorine, near Paris, because he taught freedom of speech.
Telopea Park school and Narrabundah College will join in the national tribute which will be paid tomorrow, at the Sorbonne in Paris with the presence of the French President.
The French flag flying in front of the main entrance of the school will be at half mast tomorrow all day.
Between 9.45 am and 9.50 am, a minute of silence will be observed in class, by all students, teachers and staff.
It will be a moment to pay tribute and for all of our students to have in mind the importance of freedom of expression, the importance of the freedom to teach freedom of expression which are among the foundations of our democracies.

I sincerely thank Kerrie Blain, Kerrie Grundy, all Australian colleagues and Australian students for joining in this tribute.
Thank you for your understanding and all the support you will give particularly to the French teachers affected by this tragedy.

David Binan, Proviseur

Sustainability in Year 3

The Year 3 have set up a new waste sorting system in the school, with two new bins: one for plastic caps, the other for cans, metal cans, plastic bottles and briquettes marked "10 cents".

The money earned will be used for environmental projects to embellish our school by planting plants for example. Each level will have the opportunity to choose their own environmental project. The CE2 have prepared a bilingual presentation (PDF) explaining the project: You can click here to access it.

The bins will be set up this week in each corridor as well as a poster that will be put next to the bins to indicate how much money has been raised. This scale will represent the amount earned for each corridor. It is graduated from 5 to 100, with one box representing $5.00.

There will be a game for Grandes Sections, Year 1 and 2 this week and a quiz for Year 4, 5 and 6 at the beginning of next Term

Les CE2

Telopea Park Students interview Cathy Freeman

On Friday September 18th Telopea Park School had the great privilege of having Cathy Freeman attend our whole school virtual assembly. Cathy answered questions from students and shared her experience of lighting the Olympic Cauldron and how she dealt with the pressures and expectations in competing and winning the 400m just ten days later. Some of Cathy’s pearls of wisdom to our students were ‘surround yourself with people you love and trust’ and ‘hold on to your dreams’. Thank you to all the students who were involved in interviewing Cathy and to the students who came up with the questions.

Former students / members of the Telopea Park School Community

A videoconference (zoom platform) will be held on 9 September at 16:00 (Canberra time). It is intended for all members of the Telopea Park School / Lycée Franco-Australien de Canberra community. The link to the video zoom is:

(This link opens a page in your browser, select "join meeting", then "launch from your browser")

Founded in 1923, Telopea Park School is the oldest school in Canberra. In 1983, the school became a French-Australian binational school. Over the years, enrolment has grown steadily to reach 1500 students in 2020, between the primary and secondary cycles, from kindergarten to the baccalaureate.

On September 9, 2023, the school will celebrate its 100th anniversary, a special event will be organised.

La Journée Verte

On Monday 3 August we celebrated the return to wearing broad brimmed hats at Telopea Park School...

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Reconciliation week in Kindy

For Reconciliation Week this year, the 4 Kindy classes at Telopea Park School have worked together ...

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Reconciliation Week 2020 - CE2

Year 3 created artworks for Reconciliation week 2020...

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Astrolabe 2020 - Project Launch !

On Thursday 25 June was held the presentation of the launch of the third session of the science project Astrolabe for term 3 which is aimed at Year 9 students.

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The AMT Permission notes need to be returned to school by Friday 26 June. To download a printable copy, please click here.

Back to the classroom : Click here to access the principal's letter to parents (Word File)

News from L'Alliance Française

Mid-term - from the 1st week of June - 5 weeks:

Enrol for our mid-term courses! Learn the fundamentals of the level corresponding to your proficiency, or sign up for a workshop to discover French through a specific cultural theme (French wine, Literature, or Monuments).

Online wine tasting with French Flair - 29 May - 5.30PM to 6.30PM:

Enrol for this wine tasting and have a selection of 6 bottles of French wine delivered at your place! The 29th of May, Christophe Rebut, wine expert from French Flair, will lead the online tasting - discover the very best of wine from the comfort of your home.

Information regarding Kindergarten enrolment is now available : In the Menu > Enrolment > Kindergarden Enrolment Information

A short Message from Arts & Design...

L'Astrolabe Competition 2020

For the second consecutive year, Australian and French Year 10 students participated in term 3 in the development of a science project of their choice during the enrichment hour...

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To access the 2020 College Transition Information for Parents and Students click here (Word Document)

Enrolment procedure in the English French Stream and in particular in Kindergarten / Grande Section de Maternelle, now online under the tab Enrolments – subtabs: Enrolment process and Enrolment forms

ACT Education Directorate online enrolment form

Telopea Park School Lycée franco-australien de Canberra enrolment information

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the digital backpack from a Chromebook or an iPad, please open the following document (Word) :

Accessing digital backpack from iPads and Chromebooks at home

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like you to confirm your primary and secondary email contact with the Front office as soon as possible. Please find below the links to access a form that you can complete and return to

Note email address (PDF)

Note email address (DOCX)

Thank you

Francophonie week - Poster from New Caledonia in third grade

As part of the week of the Francophonie and the competition organized by the Alliance Française, the four classes of CE2 have made together a poster presenting New Caledonia, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean where French is spoken ...

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To access the last Canberra Region Languages Forum Update, please click on the link below to download the document (pdf) :

Download the file

Malaysian Food Celebration with Year 4 students

At the end of the second semester, Year 4 students were able to discover Malaysian culture and food thanks to the intervention of Mrs Holmes, mother of Declan in Year 4.1. who made a very interesting and engaging presentation...

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Recycling Hub Excursion in Year 4

At the beginning of week 9, students from the three Year 4 classes visited the Canberra Recycling Center to learn more about this theme in their program this school year...

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Physics olympiads 2019

As part of the physics Olympics, Marion, Laure, Alejandra and Isabelle presented their project: "The atmosphere, a funny deal" to a panel of scientists...

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ACT Education Directorate Year 10 Excellence Awards 2019

Today  the outstanding accomplishments of Canberra public school students in their  final year of high school were celebrated at the Year 10 Excellence Awards.

The Year 10  Excellence Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the High School Years is the  largest celebration of student achievement for Canberra public schools.

Congratulations to :

Elanor Parkinson
Patricia Quyen
Alexandra Vickery

Engineering Sciences for Women

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, several interventions and workshops were organized at Telopea Park school to promote the presence of women in engineering professions...

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Science Competitions

Every year the Science department offers several enriching opportunities (science competitions) for students. Click the link below to access the results.

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L’Astrolabe Project

For the second year now, this project took place during Term 3, with Year 9 students from the English and French streams working collaboratively...

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2019 STEM events

Engineering workshops

On Thursday 21 October, a group of Year 9 – 10 students participated in the Engineering workshops organised by Newcastle University and held the Great Hall in Parliament House...


This year only a few students submitted independent science projects for the Science Fair. Two of them were successful...

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2019 Science Week

On Thursday 15 August, the Science faculty held an exciting, hands-on afternoon of where students showcased their STEM challenge skills to parents and carers in celebration of this year’s National Science Week...

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The Marriage of Figaro in Sydney

The Year 10 EFS students went on a two-day excursion to Sydney...

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Textiles exhibition of Telopea Park student work in the Canberra centre

Our students have explored the impact of consumerism and the importance of designing out waste through this collaborative installation...

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Year 3 Excursion at Jerrabombera Wetlands

Year 3 went on excursion to the Jerrabomberra Wetlands on Thursday, October 31.

After the tour, 3.1 and 3.2 made posters so that people would no longer throw garbage or use as much plastic.

To protect the planet, we need to use recycling bins.

Click here to download the presentation with the photos

Click here to view the posters made by the students

La Grande Fête - Thank you !

Le Van du livre / french book on wheels

Le van du livre / French Books on wheels is back in Canberra and will be in the Primary quad at Telopea Park school on Thursday 31 October & Friday 1 November from 8am to 4pm.

Show me your teeth, I'll tell you what you eat !

During their Discovery of the World program, the students of 2.2 (Anne BOUTAUD) studied the different diets of animals and also the names and roles of human teeth...

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The garden club celebrates Telopea's 96th anniversary

Telopea Park School celebrated its 96th anniversary, for its birthday the garden club planted this week the first fruit tree in the garden...

En savoir plus

Endangered species - Telopea amongst the competition winners !

Following the previous article about Endangered Species competition, the two classes who took part in the competition won a prize !

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From fungi to fabulous food!

Student making Bread

Have you ever made bread? This crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, delectable concoction is actually made from a chemical reaction... This activity has been a fantastic cross-curricular activity, between Year 9/10 and year 6 !

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Science Week

Last Thursday we held an exciting, hands-on afternoon of where students showcased their STEM challenge skills to parents and carers in celebration of this year’s National Science Week. The event highlights the enthusiastic commitment and involvement of our students and teachers in STEM-based activities and promotes a positive and aspiring attitude to learning.

Science week 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated !

The Astrolabe project is on again !

From the beginning of the term, groups with EFS and ES students are working collaboratively on their scientific project with the possibility of winning a trip to Hobart !

Capitaine Petitdidier came in class so students had the opportunity to share what they are doing, and how they are progressing. Each group is being mentored by a practicing scientist from various organisations such as the ANU or CSIRO. Growing algae on extreme salinity or pH condition, study ice breaking ability or electromagnetics deflexion amongst other varied topics and all are fascinating !


In Term 2, students from Year 7 to Year 9 were given a variety of opportunities to be involved in Service and Action activities...

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Sydney Cultural Trip

Last week a group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Year 7 to 10 participated in the 2019 Sydney Cultural Trip...

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Canberra Grenoble 2019 students Exchange

A group of students from Telopea could go to Grenoble, France for 5 weeks, students from Grenoble then came to Canberra for the same duration...

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Ski Trip

Last week, for two days, students from years 7-8 and 9-10 could attend the annual ski Trip in Thredbo...

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Step into the limelight

Telopea Park School was well represented at the famous annual art exhibition, with even a student receiving individual acknowledgement in regards to the Isabel Mathews Scholarship...

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Endangered Species in Primary

Our class participates in the art competition on endangered species...

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NAIDOC Week for Primary

In Term 2, K2 students worked on Australian fauna and flora and Aboriginal culture and art...

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Quand les cochons voleront - CE2

Third graders participated in the "Quand les cochons voleront" contest organized by the Australian Association of French English Bilingual schools (AAFEBS)...

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RoboCup 2019 - Sydney Excursion

Just before the break, a group of 15 students had the chance to attend the RoboCup event in Sydney, a whole day about robotics !!!

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New Timetable for Secondary

Starting Term 2, Telopea Park School Secondary follows the new timetable. This way, every day starts at 8:50AM and ends at 3:15PM. To access it, please click on the image below :

Schoolwear provider

The new provider is Macdonalds Schoolwear at Jamison Plaza, Macquarie. The school and P&C have been working together to ensure quality and price is comparable with our previous supplier.

You can shop in store or order online and have items delivered to your home or pick up in store.


Macdonalds Schoolwear
Shop 33 Jamison Plaza
Bowman Street MACQUARIE ACT 2614
PH: 02 6251 2660

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Telopea Park School, Lycée Franco-Australien de Canberra, is a unique school. It has a long proud history, having taken its first students in 1923. Since 1983 is has been a binational French-Australian school, established as the result of an agreement between the Governments of France and Australia. The agreement sets the parameters within which the school operates.

The school is administered as part of the Australian Capital Territory Government school system. It is accountable to the French and Australian authorities as well as to the ACT Education Directorate.

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