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2019 Science Competitions

Every year the Science department offers several enriching opportunities (science competitions) for students. The results for these competitions are as follows:

ASI Science Competition   

Credit: Otis C, Mia D, Rachel E, Tom K, Tanisha K, Tishan K, Marcelus L, Samuel M, Naren R, Gulliver R, Kate R, Taisa R, Max S, Pooja V K, Charlotte B, Teia C, Rhi-Anne C, Janet G, Simone G, Nick G, Victor L, Conor M, Jackie M, Siobhan P, Anh T, Maaz A

Distinction: Naveen G, Chandhana S P, Hannah C, Sophie F, Alyssa H, Alix N, Ekaterina O, Ayush A, Patricia Q, Ren R

High Distinction: Michael W, Sophie B, Wenkai J, Kaavika K, Adrian L, Alex P, Alexandra V

RACI Chemistry Competition

Credit: Tinua A, Otis C, Naveen G, Alexandra D, Tilak K, Janet G, Simone G, Ekaterina O, Sally Z, Eduard E

Distinction: Chandhana S, Hannah C, Dinara G, Kate R, Pooja V K, Conor M, Ayush A, Abbie A, Alexander P, Patricia Q, Preetish T

High Distinction: Sophie B, Tom K, Rhi-Anne C, Wenkai J, Kaavika K, Adrian L, Elanor P, Ren R, Isabella S, Alexandra V

High Distinction Excellence (100%): Michael WEISMAN

ICAS Science Competition:

Credit: Tinura , Rhys B, Aaliah B, Otis C, Charise C, Maxwell C, Thomas D, Naveen G, Rochel M, Edgar M, Irene Y, Thomas AM, Sophie B, Samuel M, Catherine V, Charlotte B, Teia C, Nick G, Wenkai J, Kaavika K, Jasmine L, Victor L, Jiachi M, Ekaterina O, Anastasia P D, Siobhan P, Andy T, Sally Z, Abbie A, Elaine C, Callum E, Alex P, Patricia Q, Justin R, Isabella S, Nathan T, Elanor P

Distinction: Chandhana S P, Mathew T, Hannah C, Tom K, Jinyi H, Jinyi H, Alix N, James R, Adrian L, Ayush A, Alexandra V

High Distinction: Ren R

ASI Science Olympiads

BIOLOGY - Credit: Abbie A ,Mikhail D, Kevin J, Laure P, Patricia Q

CHEMISTRY - Credit: Adrian L, Distinction: Ren R

EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - Credit: Simone G, Patricia Q, Distinction: Abbie A, Aysh A, Adrian L; High Distinction: Mikhail D, Alexandra V

PHYSICS - Credit: Maaz A, Abbie A, Eduard E, Isabella P, Ren R, Patricia Q; High Distinction: Alexandra V

Congratulations to all students for their endeavours and achievements throughout the year. The Science faculty wish the Year 10 students success in their future educational pursuits.

Ona Siakimotu

Executive Teacher Science

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