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From fungi to fabulous food!

To share how food design can pour into other aspects of education, I offer you a connection to Chemistry.

Have you ever made bread? This crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, delectable concoction is actually made from a chemical reaction. When yeast is added to water, the mixture begins to ferment (turn into alcohol) thus giving off carbon dioxide gas. This is what makes the bread rise. So how do you demonstrate this to your students and make a connection to science?

We invited Miss Cecile Marot’s year 6 science class to join us in an exploration.

First her class came and showed us experiments with balloons to demonstrate the properties and requirements for growing yeast successfully. They shared lots of fascinating information and even tested us by quizzing us all with a fun Kahoot. Then in the following session these year 6 science students joined my years 9/10 food design class in the kitchen. Here my class guided and worked together, teaching how to use yeast to design and make yummy bread.

Both classes had a really special time and have begged to do this sort of thing again!

This was not only fun but quite empowering for all the kids . This is a chance for students to demonstrate their deeper understandings and communicate with each other across year levels and Key Learning Areas as experts.

Bronwyn Palaskas

Food design teacher.

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