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Recycling Hub Excursion - Year 4

At the beginning of week 9, students from the three Year 4 classes visited the Canberra Recycling Center to learn more about this theme in their program this school year.

On arrival, they were greeted by the center's employees.

They went around on the bus of the various installations (landfill site, methane power plant, water treatment center, "Green Shed" secondhand shop…)

They witnessed the sorting of manual and automated waste through cameras that could take 10 photos per second of waste before a wind tunnel drops them into a bin according to their composition. They learned that only four types of plastics out of seven are recyclable, the rest going landfill into the nearby hill.

A few students were able to reproduce the gestures of efficient sorting with a virtual reality headset.

Students also had the opportunity to have a “hands on” moment and they explored how mechanical and physical properties of materials are used to sort and separate products.

Year 4 students were able to reinforce the need and the importance of properly sorting and reusing as much objects as possible because resources on our Earth are not inexhaustible.

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