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3rd Feb 2020 (all day) - Term 1 - New students start school

4th Feb 2020 (all day) - Term 1 – Continuing students return to school

9th Mar 2020 - Canberra Day

9th Apr 2020 - Term 1 ends

10th Apr 2020 - Good Friday

12th Apr 2020 - Easter Sunday

13th Apr 2020 - Easter Monday

25th Apr 2020 - ANZAC Day

28th Apr 2020 - Term 2 starts

1st Jun 2020 - Reconciliation Day

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Show me your teeth, I'll tell you what you eat !

During their Discovery of the World program, the students of 2.2 (Anne BOUTAUD) studied the different diets of animals and also the names and roles of human teeth.

To reinvest all this knowledge in another context, these students were visited by a high school science teacher (Francois BOUTAUD). Accompanied by 6 skulls, he was able to observe all the enthusiasm of these students for science and their excellent scientific knowledge.

After a short theoretical phase, the students manipulated and observed the different skulls. From their meticulous observation, they were able to determine the diets of all the animals proposed.

Congratulations to all of you !

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