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Success at the French Physics Olympiads

Success at the French Physics Olympiads

Photographed above: teacher Floriane Michel, Matthias Guillin, Marion Halas, Isabelle Harris, Laure Petitdidier and a scientist, one of the members of the jury

Four year 9 students, guided by their teacher Floriane Michel, from Telopea Park School participated in the 26th French Physics Olympiads this year with outstanding results.

The competition, organised by a National Committee of scientists under the patronage of the French Ministry of Education and the French Ministry of Industry, requires applicants to present a scientific project to a panel of judges.

The students from Telopea Park School presented their project “Particles in the fog" via video-conference on Wednesday 5 December. Of the 46 schools who entered the semi-final round from around the world, only 25 schools were selected to compete in the finals. Telopea Park School took out first place and were rewarded with a prestigious spot in the finals round, which was held in Lille in Northern France.

“It was our first official success. We were moved, it was a very emotional moment.  At the same time, we were looking forward to participate to the final and to travel to France and proud of our work !” Matthias GUILLIN et Isabelle HARRIS

Of the 25 schools in the finals, only two were from outside of France (a school in Hanoi and Telopea Park School/ Lycée franco-australien, Canberra). The students work was exemplary and a credit to themselves, their families and their teachers.

Once in Lille, the students again presented their project to a panel of judges to secure 3rd price.

This is a huge achievement in the ACT encourage all students to participate in STEM and especially in physics.

The trip was financed by the students’ parents, Telopea Park School’s Parents and Citizens Association, the French Physics Olympiads Committee and the Agency for French Education Abroad.

“It was a very rewarding and enriching experience for the students. They had to defend their project in front of ten scientists and explained it to the public ! As they were coming for so far away, they were the attraction of the competition and got everyone to taste vegemite and Timtam’s, including members of the jury. They were the youngest of the competition so they can be very proud of the cohesion in the group, the investment and maturity they shown.” Floriane MICHEL

A video that was made to sum up these students' adventure :

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