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French President François Hollande's Historic Visit to Telopea Park School

The first visit by a French president to an Australian school marks a historic moment for the Telopea Park School community.

On Wednesday, 19 November 2014 French President François Hollande visited Telopea Park School, Lycée Franco-Australien de Canberra. During his tour, Monsieur Hollande visited the year 2 classroom, where he was given an opportunity to see the English-French bilingual program first-hand. President Hollande talked to students about their experiences in studying at a binational French-Australian school, their passion and their current program of study. The students were very excited about Monsieur Holland's visit, who was impressed to note the level of French fluency among both primary and high school bilingual students. President Holland then presented to a whole school assembly before giving a press release in the multipurpose theatre.

About Us

Telopea Park School, Lycée Franco-Australien de Canberra, is a unique school. It has a long proud history, having taken its first students in 1923. Since 1983 is has been a binational French-Australian school, established as the result of an agreement between the Governments of France and Australia. The agreement sets the parameters within which the school operates.

Since its establishment as a binational school Telopea Park School has grown steadily. All of the primary and approximately quarter of the secondary students follow the English-French bilingual program. The rest of the secondary students follow a comprehensive secondary program.

The school is administered as part of the Australian Capital Territory Government school system. It is accountable to the French and Australian authorities as well as to the ACT Education and Training Directorate.

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