Assessment and Reporting


Assessment schedules

An assessment calendar is given to students and emailed to parents/carers with 'Telopea Topics' at the end of the first week at the beginning of each term. The Course/Unit outline also contains the assessment schedule and assessment items. All assessment items must be completed and submitted by the due date. All assessment items must acknowledge any resources used to complete the assignment in a bibliography that follows the citation and referencing conventions. Students can access a guide to writing a bibliography via the Library on the School Intranet.

Completion of assessment

Students are required to complete and submit all assessment items unless due cause with adequate documentary evidence is provided. Assessment is continuous. Assessment is criterion-referenced against MYP Interim and Exit rubrics. Students unable to attend school for assessment items must inform the teacher as soon as possible and provide appropriate evidence.

Late submission of work

It is expected that all work be completed by the set date. This date is set each term in the assessment calendar. Each task has instructions for the work to be completed. Work will not be accepted late unless:

  • The student is absent on the due date due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case the work will be submitted on the student's return to school and accompanied by a note from the parent/carer with a medical certificate.
  • A written request from the student (with a parent/carer's endorsement) with the reason clearly stated is received before the due date.

Failure of technology to complete the assignment is not a valid excuse.

Reasons to apply for an extension are supported with evidence:

  • Illness/unforeseen circumstances during the time given for the assignment

If work is submitted late without a satisfactory explanation, it will be marked up until work is returned to the other students in the class, however:

  • The result might not be used to assess the final grade for that semester and
  • The teacher will record the late submission.

When work is not submitted and no explanation is provided, a zero will be awarded.


Students are expected to complete homework, unfinished classroom work, and revise subject concepts regularly. It is recommended that at least one hour of homework is completed each night during the week and week-ends.


All tests are to be completed on the date given. If a student is absent on the given date with legitimate cause then the student will be expected to sit the test on the reset date. Beyond this time the test will not be included in the student's final assessment.

If a student is absent without legitimate cause then a zero will be recorded.