Primary Harmonised Curriculum (Kindergarten to Year 6)

The harmonised curriculum is the meshing of French and Australian curricula, pedagogy and professional approaches to achieve the aims of this binational and bicultural school.

The students develop knowledge, skills and values important to both cultures. Our program is designed to enable students, if necessary, to transfer to any Australian or any French school without disadvantage and to qualify for major certification in either English or French.

Harmonisation also includes the celebration and observance of traditions and national/special days.

Secondary Curriculum (Year 7 to Year 10)

All students study the eight disciplines of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) Middle Years Programme (MYP). All students study a foreign language French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish are offered.

There are two streams in the Secondary School:

  1. English/French Stream (EFS). Students study French, Mathematics, Science and Humanities to the requirements of the French National Curriculum as well as three ACT (Australian Capital Territory) approved disciplines (subjects). Students sit for the French Brevet in Year 9.
  2. English Stream. Students study ACT approved Curricula.

All students can qualify for an ACT Year 10 School Certificate as well as the IBO MYP Certificate.