• Telopea Park School is a 'nut-free' school. A number of students have a severe allergic reaction to nuts and require immediate medical intervention if they come into contact with nuts. To ensure the safety of these students, other students are requested not to bring peanut butter sandwiches or nut based products to school.
  • Students are not permitted to bring sweets/chocolates or drinks to sell to other students during the school day. Such activities have been banned. Any goods brought to school will be confiscated and only returned to a parent/carer.
  • Aerosol spray cans are banned as the chemicals in the spray cans may trigger an asthma attack in some members of the school community.

Mobile Phones, Electronic Devices, Valuable items

  • Everything you bring to school is your responsibility. The school does not take responsibility for lost or stolen mobile phones, electronic devices or valuable items.
  • If you bring a large amount of money to school, it should be placed at the Finance Office for safe keeping.
  • All mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight (this includes head phones) while you are in the school building, classrooms and corridors.
  • During PE classes all valuable items should be handed to the PE teacher to be placed in the safety box

Never leave valuable items in your unattended bag.

Where Can I Sit at Recess and Lunch?

Students have access to seats in the courtyard, the canteen, the benches under the trees and the area near the basketball courts. To access the oval students must be in dress code. Access inside the buildings is only permitted during extreme weather conditions and students may sit in the ‘Brick’ and ‘Glass’ corridors. The corridors the in 3 storey building are out of bounds before and after school, recess and lunch.

Basketball courts and the oval are available to students in dress code actively engaged in sporting activities. Students who sit on the oval must be outside the running track to avoid being injured by students playing sports games.


Students may access their lockers before and after school, at recess and lunch five minutes after classes and five minutes before the school bell rings to recommence classes.

Out of Bounds Areas

The area outside the front of the school, the front of the hall, the staff car park, the bike cage, the sides of the building and the public pathways are out of bounds to students during the school day.

School Environment

All students are responsible for keeping the school clean and litter free.