There is an expectation that students of Telopea Park School will, at all times, recognise their three basic responsibilities:

  • to respect the rights of others to learn;
  • to try their best to learn;
  • and to act in a safe manner.

From these responsibilities flow the three basic rights of all students:

  • to be safe;
  • to be respected;
  • and to learn.

The School Values are Respect, Cooperation, Fairness and Honesty

All students at Telopea Park School are expected to:

  • Respect everyone's right to learn
  • Attend every class, on time
  • Wear dress code at school and on excursions
  • Not wear caps/hats in the building
  • Have mobile phones (and any other electronic device) OFF and out of sight in the buildings and corridors
  • Stay on the school grounds during school hours
  • Not eat or drink during lessons (except water)
  • Adhere to zero tolerance of drugs protocol.
  • Adhere to zero tolerance of bullying protocol.