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Enrolment applications for term 1 of 2019 open on Monday 30 April 2018 ( opening time of 6am) and must be submitted online.

All ACT children are guaranteed a place in an ACT Public School through to college. Information about the enrolment assessment criteria and priority enrolment areas can be found at

If you are applying to enrol in kindergarten, year 7 or year 11 we ask that you submit your application by 4 June 2018 to support timely processing and school planning.  From 30 June 2018, after the application has been processed, parents/carers will commence receiving advice from the school on the enrolment. Please note, that the order in which applications are received is not a factor in schools determining places and as a result, there is no requirement to submit your application form on the first day applications open.

Please note: kindergarten enrolments at Telopea Park School must complete a specific enrolment application for consideration to be enrolled in the Bilingual program. The ‘priority enrolment area’  do not apply for kindergarten enrolments at Telopea Park School. Please contact Telopea Park School for more details.

Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Parents/carers are welcome to apply to enrol/transfer their son or daughter at any time during the school year using an online application form. Full details are available from the Education website.

This form will be made available via a hyperlink when published by ACT Education Directorate (EDU).

Enrolment Intakes

The two main points of entry at Telopea Park School are Kindergarten and Year 7.

Students at Telopea Park School may participate in two programs of study. These are:

  • EDU main stream program 7-10
  • Bilingual English/French Program K-10.

ACT Mainstream Students - Priority Enrolment Area (PEA)

For mainstream students, priority for enrolment is given to children who live within the Priority Enrolment Area (PEA) for Telopea Park School.

Click here to find out more about PEA.

Bilingual English/French Program K-10

The Priority Enrolment Area for the K-10 program is the whole of the ACT.

All applicants must complete the EDU Enrolment Form and the TPS Enrolment Information Form. These forms can be accessed from "Enrolment Forms" at this site when released by EDU.

Year 7 Information and Open Night

Each year Telopea Park School holds an Information Open Night to inform parents of enrolment for the following year.

  • Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2018
  • Venue: Telopea Park School Hall
  • Time: 5.00 – 6.30 pm
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