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30 Jul 2021


Keep your child home if they are sick

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Restrictions are still in place - including in our schools - and we all need to be vigilant. This includes not sending children to school sick.

If your child has any kind of illness, even if it is just a runny nose, they must not come to school. If your child is unwell at school, you will be asked to collect them.

It is important that we limit the spread of disease during this pandemic. By doing the right thing you can help keep Canberra COVID safe

15 Jul 2021

Bastille Day

A Bastille Day at school deserves a nice celebration!

The day started with the Marseillaise sung by all the pupils of the school. It resounded throughout the neighbourhood. It continued with many festive activities: preparation of pancakes, art around the Eiffel Tower, cockades, fireworks painting and traditional games.

More photos of the events on the link below!

05 Jul 2021

Baccalaureat and Brevet des colleges 2021

Congratulations to all our new graduates!

For the Baccalauréat 2021, 100% of the Lycée Franco-Australien candidates passed:
- 3 with jury's felicitations
- 31% with high distinction
- 31% with distinction
-12% with credit

For the Brevet des collèges 2021, 100% of the third year students also obtained their diploma!
- 47.5% with high distinction
- 20% with distinction
- 25% with credit

We wish them all the best for their future studies.

15 Jun 2021

Excellence scholarship winner

Congratulations to Alejandra ALCALDE AZUMA, a student in her final year of high school, who has been awarded the AEFE Excellence Scholarship, which provides foreign students with financial support and assistance for their post-bac studies in France. Thanks to her excellent academic results, Alejandra is one of 200 winners selected from 755 students from 90 countries worldwide. She was awarded the highest level of scholarship, a monthly grant for 5 years of post-baccalaureate studies in France up to Master 2 or equivalent, as well as support from the AEFE.

10 Jun 2021

Reconciliation day 2021- Year 2

To celebrate reconciliation day, the 4 Year 2 classes chose to create a work of art to symbolise the day of reconciliation. The painting, made up of 32 panels by 80 children, colours the school corridor. What a great example of collective work!


The whole story of this giant paint

03 Jun 2021


Congratulations to all Years 5-6 students who participated in Rostrum, it was one of the best performances that we have had at Telopea Park School. All participants engaged the audience due to careful planning and preparation. Our Year 4 students were fortunate enough to be part of the audience who demonstrated excellent listening skills. Thank you to both teachers and parents for supporting our children.

The winners this year are: 

Adam W (Yr 6)  - 1st Place English

Marceline P (Yr 6) - 2nd Place English

Alix M (Yr 5) - 1st Place French

Angeline M (yr 6)-2nd Place French