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30 Nov 2021

2021 Public Education Awards

As a really positive way to begin the week , it is great to highlight the nominations made for the 2021 Public Education Awards. These are prestigious awards that recognise the great work of a range of staff across ACT Public Schools, largely due to the fact that they are peer nominated. Our nominees this year were:
Education Support Person of the Year
* Ray Scerri
* Tanya Murphy
New Educator of the Year
* Caitlin Sillar
* Sam Duggan
Secondary Teacher of the Year
* Danielle Northey
Congratulations to Caitlin, Sam, Danielle, Ray and Tanya for your nominations. This is significant recognition of the great work you. do.
We are really pleased to announce that Caitlin (year 4 teacher, bottom left on picture) was the joint winner in her category 😊, which is a massive achievement!

18 Nov 2021

Virtual visit of The Museum of the democracy

As part of bilingual, Civics and Citizenship Inquiry Unit of work, ‘Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, Democracy’, Year 5 had an incursion online with The Museum of Australian Democracy this week. They virtually visited MOAD to investigate the importance of values and processes to Australia’s democracy and find out about the roles of different people in Australia’s legal system. The children enjoyed this virtual tour and although it would have been better to visit Old Parliament House if we could have, the children were happy not to have to walk there.

11 Nov 2021


The commemoration of the Armistice of November 11 was celebrated by the school differently this year. A wreath was laid in honor of the dead of the Great War in front of our memorial. In order to involve the students, a video was shown in class.

photos of the day

22 Oct 2021

Changes to public transport for school students

Updated bus timetables, including dedicated school buses starting Monday 25 October 2021

Transport Canberra’s dedicated school bus services will recommence on Monday 25 October 2021. This includes ‘S’ trips that divert into schools.

Please plan ahead as timings have changed for both dedicated school services and the regular timetable. We are strongly encouraging families to check their school pack and plan ahead.

Special Needs Transport continues to run for those families that need this service. A range of COVID-safe measures are in place to help keep students safe on public transport. Please familiarise yourself with these measures and talk to your children about them before the return to school. The revised interim timetables are online.

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18 Oct 2021

returning to school

Dear parents/Carers,

Is your child feeling anxious and worried about returning to school?

The ACT Education psychology service have produced three short videos to help you support your child as they return to school in the next couple of weeks.

The videos are on YouTube and are titled:

15 Oct 2021

Back to school

Find all the information on back to school by clicking on the link below.

covid information